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Avoiding Debt this Holiday Season

Getting Through the Holiday Season Without Going Into Debt The holiday season is rapidly approaching. This is a joyous time of year for many, and a great time to celebrate and enjoy the company of family and friends. However, it’s also a time where a lot of people spend a lot of money. From parties, to vacations, to gifts, to everything else, the holiday season can certainly get expensive. Here are some tips for preparing yourself for the holiday...
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Get Expert Advice on Retirement Savings and Emergency Savings

Answering Your Financial Questions A lot of people feel like they shouldn’t talk about money. In our society, many of us are taught to stay silent about finances and that it’s not polite to talk about money or ask anybody any questions. Unfortunately, this often means that people don’t have all of the information they need. We believe that talking about finances and asking questions about money is the best way to learn and develop strategies for ...
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What is “Good Debt?”

Do you Have “Good Debt” or “Bad Debt?” Sometimes, when people are discussing debt, they talk about “good debt” and “bad debt.” You may have heard these terms before, but what do they mean? Good Debt The most straightforward explanation is that “good debt” is debt that is considered an investment in your future. The point of taking out this debt is to improve your life or your net worth going forward. An example of good debt is an investment in yo...
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Setting up an Emergency Fund

Saving for Emergencies Having an emergency fund is very important because life is unpredictable. People lose jobs, cars break down, and homes require unexpected repairs and renovations. For these reasons and more, it’s important that you put some money aside for emergencies. However, not everyone does this. A recent survey by the Canadian Payroll Association found that 47% of Canadians are saving less than 5% of their pay each month. In fact, 14%...
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What Happens if you Can’t Pay your Student Loans?

If you can’t Pay Back your Student Loan Debt A lot of students need to get student loans in order to help them pay for school and the associated expenses. In fact, a CIBC survey stated that about 51% of Canadian students borrow money in order to pay for tuition, books and living expenses. Average Canadian student debt estimates hover in the mid- to high-$20,000 range. The Canadian Federation of Students pegs it at $27,000, which is close to ...
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Bankruptcy Isn’t the Only Option!

Options Other Than Filing for Bankruptcy If you are having trouble meeting your financial obligations, you might be considering bankruptcy. This is an option that is available to most people who cannot pay their debts as they become due. However, it is typically not the only available option. While bankruptcy is likely the most well-known solution for those who cannot pay their debts, it is typically the last option that is considered and usually...
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6 Easy Tips for Saving Money

Saving Money Doesn’t Have to be Complicated All of us could use a bit more money. However, making more money isn’t always that easy. The good news? Saving money can be! That’s right! You might be convinced that saving money is a complicated and difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few simple ways to save money each and every month. Cook Cooking your own meals at home is possibly one of the best ways to save money. Not only can...
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Having an Affordable Halloween

Celebrating Halloween for Cheap Halloween is nearly here! That means ghosts, ghouls, goblins, candy, costumes, and parties. Of course, much like any special occasion, Halloween can be costly. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips for having an affordable Halloween, whether you’re looking to save money on a party, treats, costumes, or events for you and the kids. Look for Free Events There are no shortage of events taking place around Hall...
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Creating a Budget that Works for You

Tips for Building a Budget Creating a budget and sticking to it is a vital part of managing your personal finances. Without a budget, it’s very tough to pay all your bills, meet all your financial obligations, and save for the future. However, each person’s financial situation is different. Therefore, a budget that works for one person won’t necessarily be the right one for someone else. Everyone has their own financial situation, their own goals...
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Why You Should Talk About Your Finances – And Your Debt

The Importance of Talking About Money Most people don’t talk about money. From how much they earn, to how much they spend, to how they budget, people don’t like talking about finances. Not only are a lot of people worried that others may judge their money habits, but it’s also frequently considered “impolite” to discuss money, budgeting, and debt. However, there are many benefits to talking about money with your loved ones. Not talking about mone...
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Get Expert Advice on your Money Questions

Our Experts Answer Your Money Questions A lot of people consider talking about money to be rude, impolite, or simply off limits. This is unfortunate because a lot of people have money questions. Without talking about them, these questions are left unanswered and people remain confused. The more information you have about money, budgeting, and debt, the better. When you’re informed, you make better choices and you have a much greater likelihood of...
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Know Your Rights: Collection Agencies

There are Laws for Debt Collectors If you owe money, you may have received a call from a collection agency. Hopefully, all you received was a call. Unfortunately, collection agencies can be quite aggressive when it comes to trying to get paid. They might make frequent calls, they might use threatening language, and they might even attempt to get in touch with your friends or relatives to put more pressure on you. This can be an incredibly stressf...
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Rebuilding Credit

How to Improve your Credit Score and Rebuild your Credit Rating Your credit rating is important. Whenever you want to take out a loan, there’s a good chance that the lender will take a look at your credit report. If you have bad credit (or no credit) it is very tough to get a loan or to get a favourable interest rate when you do. Therefore, improving a bad credit rating is important. However, most people don’t know what information is included in...
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How Debt Affects your Sleep

Financial Stress Can Make It Hard to Sleep at Night If you are dealing with financial stress or worrying about money or debt, you might find that this stress takes over every aspect of your life. When you’re concerned about paying bills, anxious about answering the phone due to calls from collection agencies, or terrified that you may lose your job, it’s tough to focus on anything else. Unfortunately, financial stress often creeps into your eveni...
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Reducing Electricity Costs

How to Save Money on your Electricity Bill Electricity costs can get quite expensive, depending on where you live. This is especially true in the summer. Air conditioning typically uses a lot of electricity, and that can add up to a hefty bill at the end of the month. This means you could be looking for other places to cut, so that you can stay on budget. It’s always a good idea to look at your expenses and see where you can reduce costs. If you ...
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Five Ways to Save Money this Summer

  Money Saving Tips for the Summer It’s summer and that means sun, relaxation, and having a good time. However, the summer can also be expensive. Between nights out on the town, the days spend dining on patios, and the expensive vacations, this time of year can be quite costly. There’s also the fact that summer feels like a time when you should let go, relax, and be a bit less tense. This often translates to people forgetting their budgets a...
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A Plan for Paying Off Student Loans

  Tips for Paying off Student Loans Student loans are often necessary for those taking postsecondary education. University and college programs are increasingly becoming very expensive, which means that more and more people are taking out student loans in order to pay for school. However, once you graduate, paying off student loans can be difficult. When you first leave school and enter the working world, you could find it difficult to get a...
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Advice for Paying down Credit Card Debt

  Paying Credit Card Debt High levels of credit card debt are, unfortunately, quite common. It’s easy to see how someone can quickly find themselves in more debt than they can handle. High levels of debt leave you with very few options should something unfortunate happen. For example, you may be able to pay off your credit card bill in full each month right now, but what if you were faced with a big home repair bill or your car broke down? C...
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What the Bank of Canada Interest Rate Hike Could Mean to Canadians

A Large Majority of Canadians Would Struggle to Pay More in Interest Payments on Their Debt The Bank of Canada raised its key lending interest rate from 0.5 percent to 0.75 percent. This is the first increase in the rate since September 2010. The increase will likely mean that average Canadians will pay more on loans such as variable-rate mortgages and lines of credit. Canadian banks tend to increase the rates they charge consumers for different ...
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Get Expert Advice on RRSP, TFSA and Student Loan Debt

Our Experts Answer Money Questions Many people have questions about money. However, in our society, talking about money is often considered impolite or off-limits. This means that a lot of money questions are left unanswered. But the more information you have about money, debt, budgeting, and finances, the better choices you will make. This means you will have a greater likelihood of ending up in a better financial situation. That’s why, every mo...
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