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Know Your Rights: Booking a Trip

Protecting your Rights when Booking a Trip Booking a vacation is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. You’re likely thinking of all the fun and exciting things you’re going to do, checking out hotels for the one that best suits your needs, and looking forward to the trip. However, it’s always important to make sure that your rights are being protected as well. Otherwise, you could end up being taken advantage of and you could lose money or wor...
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Cutting Costs on Household Expenses

How to Save Money on your Monthly Expenses Nearly everyone would like to save some money. This is especially true for those of us who are trying to trim costs to fit our spending into a budget. It can be difficult to come up with ways to reduce what you spend when you’re first putting together your budget. However, once you start investigating and really looking at where your money is going, it becomes possible to see where you can make cuts. If ...
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Knowing Good Reasons to Borrow Money

When Borrowing Money Makes Sense A lot of the time, people think of borrowing money as a negative. In many cases, this is true. When you borrow money, if you don’t have a plan to pay it off in a timely manner, it can be very costly. Plus, borrowing more money than you can afford to repay isn’t just costly, but it can get you into serious trouble. Your credit rating will be hurt if you miss payments and creditors and collection agencies will bothe...
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Tips for Reducing your Grocery Budget

Eight Dollar Cauliflower and your Budget You’ve likely seen increased prices at the grocery store recently and you’ve no doubt heard the news of the $8 cauliflower . While cauliflower prices have returned to more normal levels in many parts of the country, the underlying problem remains: many different foods are now more expensive. So how do you shop without blowing your budget? According to a recent study, Canadians paid 4.1 percent more for fru...
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How Little Financial Behaviours Add Up

How Small Charges Could Cost You Big Money There are a lot of small financial transaction that happen every day and many of them are so small that you barely even remember them.   For example: You head out for the day and pay $2 for a cup of coffee on the way to work. At lunch, you buy a pack of gum for $1 along with your lunch, which cost you $10.  Later that night, you don’t feel like walking, so you take a five-minute bus ride instea...
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Six Tips for Living on an All Cash Diet

How to Live on Cash One of the best ways to avoid going into debt is to live on cash. This means only spending the actual money that you have in your bank account. It means no credit cards, no cash advances, and no borrowing of any type. The reason this method works is that, if you’re only spending money you actually have at the moment, you can’t overspend. However, a possible issue with living on cash is that you’ll end up spending what you have...
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Financially Preparing for a Baby and Buying or Leasing a Vehicle - Our Experts Answer Money Questions

Ask the Experts: April 2018 Talking about money is something that a lot of people don’t feel comfortable with. However, it’s important. When you don’t talk about money and when you don’t ask questions, the opportunity for misinformation exists. Everyone has questions about money and, by talking about them and asking them, you learn. When you have more information, you’re better able to make plans for the future, manage your money today, and creat...
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Why You Should Review Your Budget

Reviewing and Revising Your Budget Setting a budget is important. Without a budget, it becomes easy to lose track of your spending and difficult to afford your expenses and reach your financial goals. However, setting a budget isn’t simply something you do once and then forget about forever. It’s important to regularly review your budget and revise it as necessary. This is because you want to make sure that your budget always matches your financi...
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How To Determine If An Expense Is "Worth It

How to Figure Out if You Should Buy Something We’re all confronted by hundreds and thousands of buying opportunities each day. From in-store displays, to advertisements, to salespeople, we’re give the option of spending money almost all-day long. However, doing that wouldn’t exactly be a good idea. So how do you know when you should spend and which items you don’t need? Everyone spends money, but it’s important to do so wisely. There are some pur...
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Getting Your Finances In Order Before You Get Married

Managing Your Money Before Marriage You’ve found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with and you’re ready to walk down the aisle. Congratulations! This is a special time in your life, one that is filled with love, romance, and planning. Yes, planning is a big part of marriage. Not only will you need to plan your engagement, your wedding, and your future together, but you’ll also need a plan for your money. Finances aren’t the mo...
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Tax Planning, Budgeting, and Saving Money

Ask the Experts: February 2018 Talking about money is important. For many people, however, discussing money is considered impolite or rude. Other people just don’t feel comfortable discussing finances and they’d rather not talk about salaries, budgets, or savings. Unfortunately, this tendency in our society leads to a lot of misinformation and confusion. That’s why we believe in talking about money. By asking questions and seeking information, pe...
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Financial Planning for a Baby

Getting your Family Finances in Order Before Your Baby Arrives You’re having a baby! Congratulations! This is an incredible time in your life. However, as you may have already realized, it’s a busy time as well. And it’s also likely a stressful one. There’s a lot that you have to do and getting your finances in order is a big part of preparing for your little one’s arrival. Here are some tips for getting your financial situation ready for the new...
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Setting Financial Goals for 2018

Tips for Planning Your Financial Life Everyone has different financial goals. Some people wish to pay down their debt. Others want to build up an emergency fund or save for retirement. Whatever your financial goals may be, if you want to reach them, you’ll need to set firm goals and then come up with plans for how to achieve them. The start of a new year is a good time to review your financial goals, chart your progress, and set new goals for the...
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Our Experts Answer Financial Questions on Budgeting, Paying Down Debt, Saving, and Teaching Children About Money

For many different reasons, sometimes people do not feel comfortable discussing money and finances. In fact, for a lot of people, it’s considered impolite and even rude to do so. We believe that talking about money is important. If you don’t talk about money and ask questions, you’ll be much more likely to be confused or lacking important information. This can make managing your finances more difficult. Talking about finances and asking questions...
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Teaching your Kids to Manage Money

Children, Money and Budgeting One of the reasons that many people end up overspending, lacking savings and going into debt is because they were never taught how to manage money as a child. It may sound a little strange, but it’s true. The habits you pick up as a child often follow you throughout your life. In fact, a study from the University of Cambridge found that lifelong money habits are formed by the age of seven. Therefore, it’s very import...
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Teaching your College Kid About Budgeting

Money Tips for College Students If your child is heading off to college for the first time this September, there will be a lot of changes and new experiences on the horizon. When a young person moves out for the first time, they suddenly have a lot of newfound freedom. This can be exciting and a great learning opportunity, but it can also get them into trouble if they’re not prepared. That’s why it’s important to make sure you teach your child to...
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How to Have Fun Without Spending Money

Having a Good Time on a Budget For many people, having fun goes hand-in-hand with spending money. You spend money to see a movie or a sporting event, you spend money going out to a restaurant, you spend money on drinks, and you spend money going shopping. For a lot of us, it doesn’t seem possible to have fun without spending money. However, you don’t need to drop a lot of cash just to have a good time. Here are some ways that you can enjoy yourse...
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Five Real Ways to Earn a Bit of Extra Cash

How to Earn Some Extra Money Most of us could use some extra cash. It would be nice to have a little more in our bank accounts for a rainy day, or to have a bit extra to pay down debt. Having some extra money around the holidays could help with bills and earning a bit more would make it easier to afford expenses. However, if you’ve spent any time looking for ways to earn extra money, you’ve likely found that there are a lot of scams out there. We...
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Avoiding Debt this Holiday Season

Getting Through the Holiday Season Without Going Into Debt The holiday season is rapidly approaching. This is a joyous time of year for many, and a great time to celebrate and enjoy the company of family and friends. However, it’s also a time where a lot of people spend a lot of money. From parties, to vacations, to gifts, to everything else, the holiday season can certainly get expensive. Here are some tips for preparing yourself for the holiday...
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Creating a Budget that Works for You

Tips for Building a Budget Creating a budget and sticking to it is a vital part of managing your personal finances. Without a budget, it’s very tough to pay all your bills, meet all your financial obligations, and save for the future. However, each person’s financial situation is different. Therefore, a budget that works for one person won’t necessarily be the right one for someone else. Everyone has their own financial situation, their own goals...
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