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What Happens if you Can’t Pay your Student Loans?

If you can’t Pay Back your Student Loan Debt A lot of students need to get student loans in order to help them pay for school and the associated expenses. In fact, a CIBC survey stated that about 51% of Canadian students borrow money in order to pay for tuition, books and living expenses. Average Canadian student debt estimates hover in the mid- to high-$20,000 range. The Canadian Federation of Students pegs it at $27,000, which is close to ...
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A Plan for Paying Off Student Loans

  Tips for Paying off Student Loans Student loans are often necessary for those taking postsecondary education. University and college programs are increasingly becoming very expensive, which means that more and more people are taking out student loans in order to pay for school. However, once you graduate, paying off student loans can be difficult. When you first leave school and enter the working world, you could find it difficult to get a...
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Graduate’s Nightmare - Student Loan Repayments

I recently met with a young lady in Barrie who was concerned as her student loan payments were falling behind and so were her credit cards and line of credit. The minimum payments alone were not being paid. The young woman thought she had done all the right things; finished high school, went to university and graduated with honors. She had worked all through school to help pay her bills and at the end of school owed very little on her credit card...
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Student Loans in Insolvency Proceedings

Introduction When a person files a bankruptcy or proposal, a legal stay of proceedings stops all unsecured creditors from starting or continuing any action to collect the debt. This includes student loans. Generally speaking, all unsecured debts existing at the date of the filing of the bankruptcy or proposal are included in the insolvency proceeding; however, certain debts are not released and will survive after the bankruptcy or proposal is com...
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