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Debt Education Center

Learn More About Your Debt Relief Options

Debt Relief:
What Is The Best Solution

Let's start with Non-Profit Credit Counseling. Second we'll look at Informal Debt Settlement. A third option is a Consumer Proposal. Finally Bankruptcy is the last option.

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How To Determine Which Is Better:
Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy

Not sure bankruptcy or consumer proposal? The choice of which insolvency process to go with can be a difficult one. This video makes it very easy to understand the difference.

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Bankruptcy In Canada:
What Does It Really Mean

Not sure what does filing a bankruptcy actually means for you. Watch the video above as it explains what is at stake when you are thinking of going into a bankruptcy.

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Consumer Proposal FAQ:
How To Avoid Bankruptcy

Consumer proposal is the best option to avoid bankruptcy. This video is answering the most important FAQ for Consumer Proposal and how it can help you avoid a bankruptcy.

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How To Protect Your RRSP:
Rebuild Your Financial Future

Bankruptcy is not the only option. There are other options that can protect your assets while getting debt relief. This video explains how you can protect your RRSP and still get debt relief.

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AFarber On BNN:
Alan Farber Explaining Financial Pressures

Alan Farber, Senior Partner for A. Farber & Partners Inc and the Farber Financial Group, appears on Business News Network to discuss Canadians' personal financial pressures.

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Rick's Debt Help:
He found a solution

Rick got debt free, and so can you. Watch Rick's commercial spot and then give us a call or email us at your convenience to find out how you can become debt free with dignity, too.

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A.Farber & Partners On CP24:
Bankruptcy Trustee Explains

Andy Fisher, Trustee in Bankruptcy appears on CP24 in Toronto to discuss the recent bankruptcy statistics, as released by the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, Canada (video posted in 2011).

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The R-Plan From Afarber:
How It Can Help

Diane is a single mother with one child, and a lot of debt. She is terrified that she will not be able to continue balancing her debt and her income. Luckily for her R-Plan is the answer.

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