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How Long Will A Consumer Proposal Remain On My Credit Report?

How Long Will A Consumer Proposal Remain On My Credit File ReportWhen you file for consumer proposal, your credit file report will show a bankruptcy (“R9”.) This will remain on your credit report until you complete the proposal. At the completion of the consumer proposal, you will be moved up to “R7.”

This rating shows that you have completed a settlement and it remains on your report for three years.




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My name is Eric M, and I'm a former client of yours. You helped me with a consumer proposal approximately six years ago. I'm thrilled to advise that the state of my financial affairs are excellent, thx to the help and direction you provided. I was even approved for a mortgage through RBC last year (didn't end up purchasing, and going to reapply soon).

Eric M (Toronto)


 How long will a consumer proposal remain on my credit report?


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