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What are the advantages of Bankruptcy?


Under bankruptcy:

benefits of bankruptcy

  • The full amount of your debts are eliminated once you have completed the process and have been discharged;
  • Your unsecured creditors will have to stop any collection actions against you, including garnishees. This includes legal actions and garnishees on your wages or bank accounts;
  • Once you file a bankruptcy, you will no longer have to deal with the ongoing calls from your creditors and collection agencies as the Trustee takes over this responsibility;
  • Normally it is the cheapest way to eliminate your debt



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Thank you for your consideration and help. May I take this moment to say that I was very impressed and I am very grateful for the professionalism in your organization. Every person I spoke with from Ivanna up until you were professional, organized, respectful, knowledgeable. Bankruptcy is difficult. I felt shame when I contacted A Farber. Quickly, I was able to move forward through your organized steps.

I hope you never have to experience the hard time that fell on me. Know that your work mattered to me who needed help.

Lori J



 What are the advantages of bankruptcy?


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