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    About Us

    We helped over 100,000 Canadians to become debt free in our 40+ years of experience. At Farber, we specialize in debt relief programs. In a simple manner, we can explain to you the differences between Consumer Proposals, Bankruptcy and Debt Consolidation loans. These are some of the options available to you for debt management. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees can help with debt relief ranging from credit card debt to tax debt.
    • 70+ offices across Canada (there's one near you!)
    • More than 40 years of insolvency experience
    • Convenient meeting times and hours (and all meetings are confidential)
    • FREE face-to-face consultation with a trained Debt Administrator or Licensed Insolvency Trustee
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    Trust & Integrity For over 40 years Canadians have trusted us with resolving their debt problems. Our professional staff is licensed by the federal government to offer these services. Expertise In our Canadian owned firm, our Licensed Insolvency Trustees have counseled over 100,000 Canadians and guided them to a satisfactory and predictable conclusion to their debt problems. Whether you are single, married, separated or widowed we understand your special predicament and can offer a debt relief solution. People Alan Farber has assembled a dynamic group of people at Farber who deliver exceptional results. For over 40 years we have lived with our clients through the emotional upheaval and stress of dealing with debt settlement problems. We are committed to excellence in servicing our clients. We are there to listen to you, to support you and help you rebuild your financial future.
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