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    The Bottom Line On Debt Relief Options

    Consumer Proposal Where we help you offer your creditors a legally binding creditor payment plan (normally 30 cents on the dollar) that does not require a bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Protection When it just doesn't make sense for you to tackle a long-term proposal.

    The Respectful Debt Solution

    Call us today at: (844) 507 7526 All of our debt relief services are offered through our exclusive R Plan, which is a three-step process that begins with debt relief and ends with strategies designed to help you rebuild your financial life and credit rating.

    Be Cautious Of Unlicensed Advisors!

    Perhaps you've seen some of those TV or newspaper ads with unlicensed Credit Counselors or debt settlement firms? Do their offers sound too good to be true? They often are. Unlike a Credit Counselor, our Insolvency Trustees are required by law to discuss ALL available debt relief options with you.

    Compare All Your Debt Relief Options

    Licensed Insolvency Trustees (unlike Credit Counselors) must be fully licensed by the Government of Canada and abide by a strict code of conduct before they can provide you with protection from your creditors. Credit Counselors and debt settlement firms (both working in Canada and from the United States) cannot provide you with any sort of legal protection from your creditors, and they require NO licensing to operate. In other words: anyone can be a Debt Counselor, with no prior training, code of ethics or licensing required. Because of their many years of accredited study, Licensed Insolvency Trustees are solely allowed to utilize the legislation comprising the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act, to provide you with rock-solid legal protection from your creditors. Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can stop garnishments and bank account freezes and give you the piece of mind you need to move beyond your debt problems.

    The Best Part

    You can resolve your income tax debt problems, small business issues and crushing payday loan debts — all with one simple monthly payment. To get a complete picture of your financial pressures, please contact us at Farber to request your free consultation. You can trust Farber to find the right solution for you and your family.

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