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Trust & Integrity

For over 36 years Canadians have trusted us with resolving their debt problems. Our professional staff is licensed by the federal government to offer these services. … {popup}Testimonials{boxsize}400px,220px{end-link}

David H. (Consumer Proposal Etobicoke): DNirmala, I would like to take this time to say “thank you” to you and A. Farber for helping with the consumer proposal that I started three years ago. I received my Certificate of Full Performance today and I am now happily on the road to recovery.

J.H. (Bankruptcy Toronto): Lloyd, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. You have given me a lot of information to digest and discuss and it has really given me some hope for our situation.



 Afarber Expertise - Over 30 licensed professionals Expertise

In our Canadian owned firm, the 40 licensed professionals have counseled over 50,000 Canadians and guided them to a satisfactory and predictable conclusion to their debt problems. Whether you are single married, separated or widowed we understand your special predicament and can offer a debt relief solution. … {popup}Testimonials{boxsize}400px,280px{end-link}

Eric M (Consumer Proposal Toronto): My name is Eric M, and I’m a former client of yours. You helped me with a consumer proposal approximately six years ago. I’m thrilled to advise that the state of my financial affairs are excellent, thx to the help and direction you provided. I was even approved for a mortgage through RBC last year (didn’t end up purchasing, and going to reapply soon).

Jason (Bankruptcy Trustee Toronto):I have been working with Adam Agulnik of A. Farber and Adam has been helping me try to figure out what the best financial move would be for me. I cannot say enough about how helpful, knowledgeable and supportive Adam has been. If anyone I know needed similar advice I would recommend Adam and A. Farber & Partners instantly


 We are committed to excellence in servicing our clients People

For 36 years we have lived with our clients through the emotional upheaval and stress of dealing with debt settlement problems. We are committed to excellence in servicing our clients. We are there to listen to you, to support you and help you rebuild your financial future. … {popup}Testimonials{boxsize}400px,240px{end-link}

Lori (bankruptcy Barrie): I am sending you this letter in appreciation for the service I received. I spoke with Laurie Garvin, who went over and above what was expected of her. Even when I was not at my emotional best she spoke to me with great understanding and was truly professional, caring, and understanding.

N. M. (Consumer proposal North York): Petra, thank you and everyone in your office for helping me with this process. It’s a great relief to be through with. Your patience and guidance have meant more to me than you know.