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How should I feel when coming to meet with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee at A. Farber & Partners?

what to expect at bankruptcy trustee meeting

People that attend our office have extremely different opinions and emotions, regarding to their particular debt situation. Ultimately they are in our office, seeking some professional advice. This is all that matters, in my opinion.

The different opinions and emotions range from feeling very ashamed and embarrassed, to being very positive and hopeful of relief. The only people that should feel down are those not getting free, no obligation debt advice. Taking some action and building a debt relief plan are responsible, mature steps in regaining control.

Filing a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy is a responsible thing for a person to do when in a serious financial situation. It is a legal option available to people in financial trouble, and it is the only time that the creditors will be in a position to fully understand the details of your financial situation.

During the collection stages, the creditors have no reason to believe you are actually having financial difficulty and may assume you’re just negotiating.

Bottom line, there is no shame in getting some professional advice. In fact, it is the prudent thing to do and the earlier it is done, the better the options may be.

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