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Cheap Ways to Entertain your Children this Summer

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained Cheaply – or Free!

Summer is here and, for a lot of people, this means that the kids are out of school and looking to be entertained! While many people decide to send their children to camp or take a big family vacation, these options are pretty expensive. The good news is that they’re not really needed. There are a lot of great ways to have fun with your kids this summer without breaking the bank. While it can certainly be challenging to entertain your children over the summer, it doesn’t also have to be expensive. Here are a few tips for activities to do with your children this summer that don’t involve spending a lot of money.

Visit the Library

This is a free activity, as long as you have a library card (which is typically offered at no charge, depending on where you live). Not only do libraries offer a wide selection of books, but you may also be able to use and borrow magazines, comic books, DVDs, music, and more. Some libraries even provide free access to music and video streaming services for those who have a library card. But that isn’t all. Take a look around or ask the librarian for details on upcoming events. During the summer months, many libraries offer story times, author readings, and other community events geared towards kids in various age groups.


This isn’t a free activity, but it’s a relatively inexpensive one. If you have a backyard, take your kids outside and have them do some gardening. Give each child his or her own plant and let them pick where they plant it. If you don’t have a backyard, you can use a potted plant and place it somewhere inside. Not only will gardening keep your kids’ attention for an hour or so while they work, but they will also have a plant to water and look after going forward.

Amateur Sports

Taking the kids to a baseball or soccer game is certainly fun, but professional sporting events can be very, very expensive. Instead, look for amateur teams that play in your neighbourhood. High school or semi-pro teams usually don’t charge very much to watch the game (if they charge anything at all) and your family will still get to experience the excitement of live sports. Bring your own snacks and have a great time!

Go to the Park

Not only is a day at the park or the playground fun, but it can also be good exercise. Make a whole day of it. Plan games, bring food, and invite friends. You can organize an activity such as a football game or a scavenger hunt if you’d like. National, provincial or state parks are also great options. While some charge money to enter, the cost is typically quite low, especially if you’re planning on spending the entire day there. You might even want to grab a tent and go camping! Otherwise, you can hike, play sports, or just relax.
Bring your own food and drinks to save money and remember to wear sunscreen.

See a Matinee

If you want to take the kids to the movies this summer, consider a matinee. Movie theatres are often less crowded during the daytime and a lot of them charge less for a ticket as well. Just try to stay away from the expensive snacks that they sell at the theatre. You’ll also want to check with the theatre to see if they have discounted tickets on particular days of the week. For example, a lot of theatres sell Tuesday showing tickets for less. Check and see if your local theatres do this. It can really save you a lot.

Have a Games Day

Set up some games in the backyard or inside the house. Think about what your kids really like and be sure to take their ages into consideration. Then, invite friends, family members, and neighbourhood children over for a day of social fun. This is a great way to spend some time during the summer and it’s an excellent way for your children to socialize.

Take a Road Trip

Instead of shelling out for expensive plane tickets and hotel accommodations this summer, pile in the car and take a day trip to a nearby site. Not only is this a great way to enjoy some local attractions, but the car ride itself can be part of the fun! As you can see, there are a lot of great ways to entertain your children this summer without spending a lot of money. With a little creativity, and possibly some help from your friends and family, you’ll have a lot of fun this summer without breaking the bank.