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How To Deal With Debts Through A Consumer Proposal

“I was left with no guidance when my mom passed away when I was only 18 years old. My life was supposed to go a different way (I hoped), but after she passed I had to start working to support myself. Along with pay cheques came credit cards. My debt started, I had no financial advice, I became an addict to debt and spending. After 27 years I am glad it’s all over. “

This quote is from someone that A. Farber & Partners helped deal with their debts through a Consumer Proposal.

For this person, a Consumer Proposal was a way to eliminate his $155,000 in debts and avoid a bankruptcy with A. Farber and Partners. The Consumer Proposal provided an affordable way to pay back a portion of the debts. The payments were interest free and there were no additional fees or costs for A. Farber and Partners to administration of the Consumer Proposal.

As part of the Consumer Proposal process with A. Farber and Partners, this person received financial counseling that provided information about money management and budgeting. The financial counseling also provided them with information about effective ways to re-establish their credit.

Through hard work and by applying the lessons learned in their financial counseling, this person was able to save extra money and paid the Consumer Proposal off early.

So what can we learn from this person’s story?

A Consumer Proposal is an option available to help people eliminate their debts and avoid a bankruptcy. The payments are interest free and without additional costs.

A. Farber and Partners also provides financial counseling that teaches people how to manage their money. These money management lessons are something that people can use for the rest of their lives.

Would you like to know how to become debt free? Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to investigate all your available options to become debt free.