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Real Life Stories: Spending Less Time Worrying About Debt Means More Time Enjoying Life

Many of the people who come to see me are very surprised at how much more confident and stronger they become once they’ve dealt with their debt by filing a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Not only has it helped them financially, it has helped them psychologically and physically too. A bankruptcy or consumer proposal has made a world of difference, knowing that creditors are no longer allowed to contact them, and are forced to deal with us, A. Farber & Partners Inc., Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

Over the last number of years, I’ve had many people share their stories with me, and I’m providing some of the scenarios where a bankruptcy or consumer proposal has helped people either psychologically and/or physically move forward in their life. Here are some of their scenarios:

  • I had one couple who was having trouble conceiving, but once they dealt with their debt by filing a consumer proposal, they were able to conceive and eventually had a healthy baby. The couple attributed much of the success to no longer having to deal with the stress of the creditors, and being able to stay more focused and look to the future.
  • I had another couple who were having marital problems due to the debt, but once they filed a consumer proposal, they were able to get their marriage working again. They attributed many of their issues to the debt which had gradually accumulated, and realized that once they could manage their debt through a consumer proposal, they could feel better about themselves and each other;
  • I had someone who was looking to find a partner, but was having trouble with the dating scene. Once she filed a consumer proposal, she met someone and eventually got married. She told me that she lacked self-confidence, she felt she had failed due to the amount of her debt, and realized that once she was in a consumer proposal, that she regained control of her finances and her self-confidence;
  • I met with someone who was constantly sick and away from work but once he dealt with his debt by filing a bankruptcy, the stress was alleviated and he felt much better physically, which meant he wasn’t missing work as often. The bankruptcy not only dealt with his creditors and made him feel better physically, it also enabled him to earn more money, as he was paid per hour at work, and miss less work; and
  • I met with someone who was unemployed at the time of the bankruptcy and who was looking for work. He decided to file the bankruptcy with help from his family, as his family was worried about him. He told me that prior to the bankruptcy, he had trouble focusing on finding a job. He was worried about his debt and creditors were constantly calling him. After filing the bankruptcy, he was able to focus and found a job within the next few months. He attributed the bankruptcy to helping him find work, as he no longer had to worry about his unsecured creditors calling him.

At A. Farber & Partners Inc., we can help you deal with your debt through a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, which could help you improve other aspects of your life.