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Do you have money troubles? Debt issues ? How to identify a debt problems? Find all your answers here:

Warning signs of Debt problems!

  1. You are using credit cards for your living expenses.
  2. You are using low interest rate credit cards to pay off higher interest rate credit cards.
  3. Your credit cards are maxed out.
  4. You have more than two credit cards.
  5. You are using pay day loan companies or obtaining cash advances on your credit cards.
  6. You have missed required payments or only making minimum payments on your debts.
  7. You have insufficient cash remaining at the end of each month to make the minimum required payments on your debts.
  8. Collection agencies are calling you for payment.
  9. Your wages are being garnished (seized) by Canada Revenue Agency or a creditor.
  10. Your bank account(s) are being garnished by Canada Revenue Agency or a creditor.
  11. You have been denied credit.
  12. The value of your assets, if any, is less than the sum of the amounts you owe.
  13. You are pre-occupied with your debt issues and do not know how to solve them.
  14. Your financial situation is keeping you awake at night.
  15. Your financial situation is causing problems at home.

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, you may be insolvent. If your debts have become unmanageable, there are options available to you other than a bankruptcy.

With over 30 years of experience in debt solutions to help you figure out all your options and your best solution, A. Farber & Partners can help you Review your financial situation, assist you in obtaining Relief from all or substantially all your debts, and give you the tools to Rebuild a better, more financially secure future.

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