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It’s not as scary as you might think… I finally met with a lady in Orillia who kept putting the debt relief process off. Not because she wasn’t sure, but the fact that she was “scared”. Scared of how the process worked and scared of how we would view her as a person.

She had worked for the same company for over 25 years when she was diagnosed with a spinal infection which now has left her disabled. While in the process of trying to get her disability claim put through with her employer, her bills started falling behind, including her mortgage payments.

Get Debt Relief TodayEventually she fell too far behind in her mortgage and lost her home and was now renting an apartment.

She was not making anywhere close to what she had been making before in her career. Now on disability, she just could not make ends meet. All the bills kept piling up to the point that she could no longer even cover the basic minimum payments.

We spoke a number of times before she made the step to come in and just meet with me face to face. After our talk, she looked at me and said “I don’t know why I waited this long, it’s not as scary as I thought the whole process would be!

Life happens to all of us, unfortunately not all is good, but to know there are some options to help you get through trying times is a comfort.

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