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How Being Organized Saves You Money

Save More Money by Being Organized

One of the most important parts of saving money is having a plan. This involves being organized. If you’re organized, you’re a lot more likely to put together a plan and stick to it.

Clutter and confusion isn’t just annoying and stressful, it’s also costly. Here are several ways that being organized can save you money.

Organization reduces your stress

When you’re stressed out and frazzled, you’re more likely to make mistakes. You might drop something and break it, you could misplace something important, or you might pay the wrong amount on your credit card bill. If you have a more organized life, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed with stress, and more likely to be able to manage your life – and your finances – better.

Plus, when people are stressed, they often buy something to make themselves feel better. These “pick me up” purchases add up over time. If you’re organized and don’t feel as much stress, you’re less likely to make emotional purchases and you’ll be more likely to think things through before buying them.

Being organized saves you from buying things

If you’re disorganized, you’re more likely to misplace your sunscreen, winter hat, rain boots, or any other items that you don’t use on a daily basis. This could mean that you’ll wind up buying these items again when you need them.

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve searched for something for a while and then assumed we didn’t have it, or given up because it was taking too long. If everything has a place, and you know where that place is, you won’t need to buy things you already have.

When you’re organized, you won’t miss bill payments

If you have an organized schedule, you won’t miss bill payments. This can be a big deal because making payments on time is an important factor when it comes to your credit rating. Paying bills on time also means you’ll pay less interest on your loans and you’ll avoid getting hit with late payment penalties.

When you receive a new bill, mark its due date on your calendar and give yourself a reminder for a few days before. This will make it less likely that you’ll forget to pay it. Consider setting up monthly reminders for bills that you have to pay each month.

Being organized helps you save money on groceries

Organization is important when it comes to grocery shopping. Being organized allows you to make a weekly meal plan that lets you take advantage of sales and seasonal prices on produce and other items. You’ll also waste less food because you’ll only buy what you need, and you won’t wind up buying something at the store only to find out that you already have the same food at home in your fridge or pantry.

Plus, when you’re organized and you have food at home for every meal, you won’t need to stop off at a fast food location on the way home, which also saves money since takeout meals are generally more expensive than ones you cook at home. Proper organization also allows you to prepare your meals in advance, so you’ll have healthy meals and snacks available when you need them. This cuts down on eating out, which can save you a lot of money.

Being organized means that you’ll be able to buy in bulk (which is often cheaper) and save or freeze what you’re not using right now for later.

Finally, when you plan ahead, you’re able to compare prices at different stores and clip coupons, which can lead to significant savings.

Organization helps with rebates and tax deductions

If you keep all of your receipts, invoices, bills, and forms organized, you’ll have an easier time doing your taxes and you’ll be less likely to miss out on various deductions. Plus, you’ll find it much more convenient to fill out rebate forms and send them in, which can result in savings.

When you’re organized, you can shop in advance

If you’re organized, you won’t have to rush out at the last minute to buy a birthday gift or any other gift. Shopping in a rush often costs more because you don’t have time to shop around or compare prices. When you shop in advance, you can take advantage of sales and other discounts.