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Filing a Consumer Proposal and Being Self Employed

When you are considering filing a consumer proposal with A. Farber & Partners and you are self employed, it is important to remember a few key points. If you are required to file GST/HST returns with Canada Revenue Agency, the returns need to be up to date upon filing the proposal. The same applies to any personal/business income tax returns that may be outstanding and also any summaries for source deductions if you have any employees working for you. Canada Revenue Agency will usually not vote in favour of any proposal unless everything that is related to taxes are filed and current with them.

Canada Revenue Agency also requires that even after filing the consumer proposal you keep your GST/HST/tax returns filed and up to date. They can ask for a clause to be put into your proposal stating that the returns are required to be kept current. Through mandatory credit counselling sessions we help you develop a budget that will allow you to keep everything paid and up to date. In working with debtors, we want to ensure that, by keeping current, you cut down on the potential of getting yourself back into financial difficulties.

Our end goal is to get to a point where, you have put the past behind you and we have given you the necessary tools in order to maintain a healthy and successful business for years to come.