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How To Get Out Of Debt Fast

There’s nothing like worrying about the monthly bills to inject some major stress into your life and your relationships. You can easily spend more time worrying about your finances than you will about your family… or yourself. So it’s important to know how to get out of debt – fast! And remember: the sooner you address your financial pressures, the more debt relief options are available to you. For example, if you act early enough, you could utilize the services of a debt relief professional who could provide you with helpful financial advice and credit counseling. You may also qualify for a Consolidation Loan if your debt level isn’t too extreme. And if things get really tight, you could call upon the services of a Certified Insolvency Repair Professional (also known as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee).

Bankruptcy alternatives

Most people, for obvious reasons, don’t want to hear the “B-Word” (as Bankruptcy is otherwise known). That’s a fair reaction, since a Bankruptcy is really a last resort for someone in debt. It’s the final option when all other possibilities have been exhausted. The goal here is to do the very best you can under the circumstances you’re encountering, not the worst you can. An alternative to bankruptcy protection could be a government-supervised repayment plan, or Consumer Proposal. A Consumer Proposal is administered by an Insolvency Trustee, but it’s NOT a Bankruptcy. By harnessing the power of the Bankruptcy Insolvency  Act (the B.I.A.) to oversee the Proposal, this powerful legislation allows you to meet your debt obligations half-way (normally the balance owing is discharged at the time the Proposal is completed), while giving you the same legal protection from your creditors as a Bankruptcy. The result is a quick (and manageable) solution to the financial pressures you are experiencing.

Debt Repayment Plan or Consumer Proposal

By accessing an innovative financial solution, such as a debt repayment plan or a Consumer Proposal, you can take control of your money problems, allowing you more time to focus on your family, your household and yourself. And that’s how you get out of debt fast! To learn all about the specific debt solutions that are available to you, contact us for a free debt relief consultation with one of our licensed debt professionals.

Debt Management Tips