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Overwhelming Credit Card Debt?

So many people are completely overwhelmed when they find themselves unable to make their monthly payments on time. Does it mean you are on the verge of bankruptcy when you fall behind in payments? Not necessarily! Life happens! Ill health, relationship breakdown or loss of employment can result in the inability to meet our monthly financial obligations! With all the different debt settlement companies out there how does one know who they can trust? A. Farber and Partners Inc. is a licensed insolvency trustee fully regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. We administer a government program that will allow you to treat your unsecured creditors as a group in offering them what you can afford monthly versus what they are demanding. This is called a Consumer Proposal. It is a wonderful program that forces your creditors to vote as a group on your proposed repayment plan, whether you are offering them payment in full over time or even less. Most actions against you whether it be harassing collection phone calls or even garnishees are “stopped” immediately upon the filing of the Consumer Proposal. Looking for a fresh new start? Looking forward to a full nights sleep again?