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Make tax planning your New Year’s Resolution

Many of us are considering our lists of New Year’s Resolutions. How about adding this one to the top of your list? One of your major 2011 Resolutions should be to clean up your unfiled and unpaid GST, PST, HST, payroll taxes and income taxes.

Licensed Insolvency Trustees can help you avoid bankruptcy AND clean up your bad tax history without losing your business, house and reputation.

Many people have unfiled taxes (sometimes for many years) because they are not sure how to pay them, they’ve lost the paperwork, or are terrified of what the CRA will do once they DO file them.

Well, here’s the scary news: Canada Revenue Agency will catch up to you. And if you are an avoider and non-filer it will get ugly… Quickly. CRA has the legal right to seize your assets and freeze your personal bank and business accounts.

Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only professionals trained and Federally-licensed to deal with your tax and money problems.

So make the coming weeks a positive time for yourself and give an Insolvency Trustee a call to schedule a free consultation, so you can confront this issue without fear.

Our R Plan program has tools in its toolkit specifically designed to help you determine the right path. No bankruptcy. No loss of your business, assets and reputation. Call us at (844) 507-7526 toll-free today for a confidential face-to-face meeting in your area.

Tax debt CAN go away and you CAN obtain peace of mind. And make that New Year’s Resolution a reality.