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Do you have unpaid taxes? If so, in order to get paid the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can freeze your bank accounts, garnishee (i.e. seize) your pay and audit your books. And if you are behind on filing your taxes, they will mail you a bill for “estimated” taxes owing (normally for an amount larger than what you owe).

Your tax debt can take many forms. From personal income taxes, to overdue GST & HST, to delinquent employee payroll taxes. If you are ignoring your tax debts, CRA can make things very difficult for you.

Decrease tax debt by up to 80%

Some tax lawyers promise to reduce your penalties and interest charges from CRA – you may have heard their radio commercials. Their promises sound wonderful until you realize that the principal debt owing to CRA does NOT go away. That’s where a Licensed Proposal Administrator can help. Only an Proposal Administrator can compromise the principal debt, the penalties, AND the interest owing to CRA.

The Administrator will accomplish this by filing a Consumer Proposal on your behalf with CRA – it’s a settlement offer that will offer CRA a percentage (usually 30%+) of what you owe. Once your Consumer Proposal is filed with the Government, all legal processes stop dead in their tracks. No garnishments, no frozen bank accounts, no harassing letters or phone calls from the CRA to your business or home.

A Consumer Proposal is a fresh start for you and your business. You won’t lose your house, your reputation, or your company.  By contacting A. Farber & Partners today, you can get the help you need to relieve your tax stress and give you back your financial life. Call us toll-free today at (844) 507-7526 or fill in the form to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.

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