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I am often told by people who come to see me that “it must be depressing doing your job”.  That “listening to people’s challenges and issues every single day must be awful.” In reality, I couldn’t disagree more. I remind these clients that it would be taxing on me if there wasn’t a solution for their financial pressures, or some helpful guidance I could offer them. If my only answers to people’s unfortunate stories was “wow, that’s terrible,” then I believe my days would be very tiring and frustrating.  However, since I CAN help I find being an Insolvency Trustee an incredibly-rewarding profession. Preserving the family home and repairing monthly cash flow are obvious examples of the impact of our popular R-Plan, but the less obvious, and even more rewarding, impact is the preservation of a marriage (and keeping a family together and emotionally healthy as a result) or of a business that can refocus and continue to provide employment and peace of mind. So is my job “depressing”?  Nothing can be further from the truth.

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