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Plans don’t always work out!

After being married for 25 years, a woman’s husband decided to leave her. He forced her to sell the matrimonial home, where they both took a financial loss. Due to the fact that most of the remaining debt was in her name, the woman was left with a large unmanageable debt load. Left alone and unable to come up with a first and last month’s rental deposit, she had no other alternative than to call her best friend to see if she could live with her until she could figure things out. Although she was working, her salary was not enough to pay all the bills AND pay for rent. After a few months, her company shut down, and everyone was let go. This left the woman even more depressed and still sleeping on her friend’s couch. When I sat with her, she was very embarrassed and ashamed of even the thought of sitting in the office of a licensed insolvency trustee and discussing her debts. She never thought she would ever be in this financial position. After listening to her concerns, we put together some options for her. She was relieved that there was a way for her to get her life back on track, find her own place, and restore her pride. She filed a consumer proposal as she felt that was just morally correct for her to offer something to her creditors. She worked hard and found another job. Today she has a beautiful apartment and is no longer feeling like a bother to her friend. Although she had to move to a new city where rents were more affordable for her, the stress of all the debt that she was burdened with when her marriage ended, is gone. She is able to start her new life with a sense of relief.