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Resolving an Adult Son’s Debts When He Moved Home to Care for an Ailing Parent

I recently met with a debtor that we were able to help out through a consumer proposal. Health issues had struck a retired family member and the adult son was asked to move back home and help out with the living expenses and medical treatments not covered by provincial health care.

Because of the high costs involved with the medical treatments the debtor’s own payments to creditors fell behind. He was unable to work out a repayment plan with his creditors individually to get caught up and put his credit back into good standing.

Numerous collection calls were coming in every day from his creditors and this was making it difficult to concentrate on work. The stress started affecting his own health as well.

After our first meeting and looking at all his options, it was clear to him that a consumer proposal was the way to proceed. He wanted to pay back his creditors; he just needed a way to consolidate the debts into one monthly payment he could afford.

We were able to help him, quickly file a consumer proposal and assure him that the harassing calls would stop.