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Dealing with Longstanding Debt Gives an Elderly Couple Peace of Mind

I recently helped an elderly couple through the filing of a bankruptcy so they could get back their lives and stay in their home.

I met with this couple who have been struggling with paying their debts for many years. So long actually that most of their debts were now with third party collection companies, who have been harassing them with telephone calls starting in the morning and continuing until sometimes 10 o’clock at night. These calls have stressed them out so much that it started to affect their health and mental wellness.

When we first met, it was unsure whether or not we would be able to help them because of the large amount of equity they thought they had in their house. They did not qualify for refinancing because of their level of income and they could not afford to make the necessary payment through the offering of a consumer proposal.

I asked them to have a real estate agent go to their house and give them a fair market value for what the agent thought their house could sell for. After receiving the opinion of value from the real estate agent they immediately called me. They were shocked to learn that there was actually no equity in their home.

We were then able to help this couple with filing bankruptcy which allowed them to stay in their home, remove the financial stress in their lives and have piece of mind.