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Lloyd Wasser has been with A. Farber & Partners for more than 13 years and currently serves as a Debt Solutions Manager, an accredited Insolvency Administrator and a Debt Counselor for our firm. Lloyd is a graduate of both the CAIRP insolvency counseling program and the CAIRP Administrator’s program.

Prior to joining us in 2003, Lloyd served as the Regional Manager for a global consumer electronics firm and as President of the Canada-based arm of Widget Software Inc. His other previous careers included being a full-time freelance writer and editor, and general manager of a well-known Toronto theatre for many years.

Lloyd’s writing has appeared in dozens of publications over the past three decades (in addition to our website), including Report on Business magazine, Head Office At Home, The Globe & Mail, Toronto Computes, We Compute and US-based publications such as MacHome Journal, HP OmniGo Magazine and The Palmtop Paper. Lloyd is the recipient of two writing awards and one writing/directing award for his plays “The Hope That Survives” and “Tea and Toast”, including two awards from York University.

If you are experiencing debt problems and need a compassionate, caring individual to assist you, Lloyd is available to guide you through the process and help you emerge debt-free at the other end. Please call or email Lloyd today to set up a free consultation at our North York (Sheppard and Leslie) or York and Adelaide (Downtown Toronto) offices. He looks forward to helping you through this difficult time in your life.