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When Does a Consumer Proposal in Vancouver Make Sense?

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    Vancouver Consumer Proposal Can Avoid Bankruptcy

    There are many options available to individuals in Vancouver, who are faced with debts that they find they are having difficulty servicing. Some of these factors you can control and some you cannot. The main factors that cause this are: insufficient income after meeting your monthly living expenses; some unusual event that has impacted your ability to earn income such as loss of a job or accident. Often marital breakdowns also create financial stresses.

    The result of this is that you are either missing monthly payment or not making payments at all. At the same time, interest charges continue to accumulate and the debt grows. If you find that you are in a situation similar to what we have described, you need to take action to improve you financial situation. There are many options open to you to manage your debt, but the one that is being used increasingly by people in debt is a Consumer Proposal.

    Why A Consumer Proposal might be the best solution for you

    • The total of all your debts is no greater than $250,000. This excludes any of those which are secured against your assets, such as a house or a car;
    • The amount of your debts is greater than the value of your assets (excluding those which are secured), or you have debts but no assets of any value;
    • For some unique reasons you are having difficulty making monthly debt repayments – you are either missing them all together or only meeting the minimum requirement;
    • You are earning enough after tax and meeting your monthly living expenses to be able to offer your creditors a meaningful settlement (sometimes as low as 30% of the debt).

    Consumer Proposal In Vancouver, Burnaby , British Columbia, Canada

    As your settlement period can extend as long as 60 months, it is important that you feel that you will be able to make your revised monthly debt settlement payments on a regular basis

    If you see yourself in the situation described above, then the best way for you to understand what you options are is to set up a free consultation with one of our Debt Solution Managers, to see if filing a Consumer Proposal in Vancouver is the right solution for you. If you make the right decision, your financial problems can be cleaned up quickly and effectively. But if you don’t they will drag on and become more difficult to fix as time progresses. If, after meeting with us, you do not feel that we can offer you a solution, you have no further obligation to us.

    During that free consultation we will Review your specific circumstances (as each person has unique aspects to their situation) and recommend a solution that works for you. If a consumer proposal appears to be the best solution for you, then we will prepare all the paperwork and file the documents with the federal government. Once the paperwork has been filed,  from that moment on you will get the Relief that you are looking for: we will deal with your creditors; no more harassing phone calls, and an end to most legal action against you. While your consumer proposal is in progress, we will provide you with counseling to help you Rebuild for a better financial future.


    Both Jane and Martin also focus on corporate insolvency and restructuring, distressed financial advisory services and corporate consultative advisory services and has been involved on a variety of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) and Companies’ Creditors Arrangements Act (CCAA) engagements.

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    Please call the numbers below or click here to arrange a free, confidential meeting for you with Jane or Martin at our A.Farber Burnaby-area location. At that meeting, they will review your financial situation and discuss the various options available to you through our R-Plan. This will include a discussion about bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives such as consumer proposals in Burnaby, before you make any decisions about what option is right for your needs

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