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    Looking to consolidate and reduce your debt into one simple, affordable monthly payment? You have come to the right place. The licensed Trustees in our Alliston offices will help you achieve that goal through the filing of a Consumer Proposal.

    How Does a Consumer Proposal Help You Consolidate Debt?

    While all of us have heard of debt consolidation loans, very few people know what a Consumer Proposal is.   While a traditional debt consolidation loan typically requires you to borrow funds from a lender (often at high interest) to consolidate your various unsecured credit cards, loan, lines of credit and other debts into a single monthly payment, a Consumer Proposal has all of the benefits of such a consolidation without the additional costs:
    •  Just like a traditional debt consolidation loan, you would make one monthly payment to the licensed trustee (our team in Alliston will develop a repayment plan that fits your budget so you’re not struggling each month).
    • Unlike a debt consolidation, there is no additional interest accrued when you file a Consumer Proposal.  In fact, all interest stops dead the moment the Proposal is filed
    • A Consumer Proposal usually requires the repayment of only a portion of the debt you owe (normally 30% to 50%), unlike a debt consolidation loan where you would have to pay back 100% plus interest on the amount borrowed.   
    • You do not need to have a co-signer to file a Consumer Proposal since you’re not borrowing any money.  
    • Unlike a short-term consolidation loan, a Consumer Proposal gives you up to five years to repay.  This allows each monthly payment to be smaller and more manageable
    • Once approved by your creditors and the court (which usually takes approximately 60 days), a Consumer Proposal can be paid off at any time without penalty.  In fact, we encourage you to pay the proposal off before the five-year period is up, as doing so helps you improve your credit rating sooner. 

    Learn More About Debt Consolidation

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    A. Farber & Partners have assisted people with debt problems in the Alliston area for over 35 years. Our licensed debt relief professionals are here to help you manage your debt.

    Our Personalized Debt Solutions Work

    Jacquie Cordeiro Debt Solutions ManagerOur Debt Solutions Manager in our Alliston office is Jacquie Cordeiro. Jacquie is a qualified Insolvency Administrator having completed the CAIRP certification program. As well, Jacquie is also registered with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy as a qualified counselor. With over 20 years of experience, Jacquie brings a wealth of understanding and knowledge to the consumer insolvency practice. They can guide you through these difficult financial times. After a free, face-to-face, confidential consultation with our staff, you will have more insight and knowledge and will be able to choose from a variety of personalized solutions to solve your debt issues.
    "You are not alone in these trying and stressful financial times. Life can be unfair, but we can help find the proper solution effective for you", explains Jacquie. "I can assure you I will provide you with the courtesy & respect you deserve, and assist you in re-establishing and rebuilding your credit."

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