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Debt Consolidation Help

Debt Consolidation Help

What Debt Consolidation means for you?

Lower Payments:

Easy Money Management:

Means getting new loans at a lower interest rate and using those funds to pay off all or some of their existing debts that they are carrying at a higher rate of interest. Means a new loan to pay off all, or several, existing loans and consolidating monthly payments into one.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Will you qualify for the debt consolidation loans?  If your debt load is high or you cannot afford the payments, you will be refused.  Did you know that every time you apply for a loan and are rejected, the lender reports this to the Credit Bureaus?  This makes your credit score even worse.  An R-Plan solution does not report your request to the credit bureaus.
  • What if you can consolidate at the bank but the monthly payments do not fit into your budget?  
  • Will you need a co-signer?    Why would you want to involve a family member or friend in your debt stress?  An R-Plan Consolidation is in your name only.
  • Will you have to give the lender security over your car or household goods?  Why would you put your assets at risk?  An R-Plan Consolidation protects your assets. 


R-Plan Debt ConsolidationAn R-Plan Consolidation Solution – Main Features:

  • Covers all credit card debts (and other debts, too!)
  • One Monthly Payment through a Regulated Trust Account
  • No interest charges or hidden penalties
  • No additional fees
  • Immediate relief from harassing and stressful creditor calls
  • Debt reduction available





  • If you’re making monthly payments but your debt load is not decreasing
  • If you are being constantly pursued by creditors
  • If your wages are being garnished



If you debt load is high, some financial institutions offer debt-consolidation loans. These loans are designed so you can pay off most (if not all) of your debts at the same time, leaving you with only one outstanding loan to pay each month.


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