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Warning Signs of a Potential Debt Problem

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    How Can You Tell If You Have A Debt Problem?

    Signs of debt problemsLife is full of pitfalls and loaded with unexpected events. And while we’d all like to think we know what is going to happen to us in life, we honestly have no idea of what really lies ahead. That’s why, despite our best intentions, many of us experience financial difficulties at some point in our adult lives. The flashpoint that causes such difficulties to occur might be a sudden job loss or a marital separation. It could be a chronic illness, unexpected financial support for an aging family member or even an automobile accident. Happy events can also lead to financial chaos (for example: Unexpected wedding expenses or the premature birth of a child). In many cases, it could be a combination of two or more of the above scenarios.

    Key Warning Signs To Watch Out For

    What are the key warning signs of financial difficulty? See if any of the items on our list sound familiar:
    • You receive post-due notices on household bills.
    • You rely on automatic draft protection to cover your chequing account balance.
    • You take out new loans just to cover monthly payments on existing loans.
    • You use available credit on your cards to cover monthly household expenses.
    • You borrow from one credit card to cover the minimum balance on another.
    • You continually slip behind on the payments on your mortgage or property taxes.
    • You are behind on your rent or utility payments (hydro, gas, cable, telephone).
    • You are being harassed or sued by creditors and collection agencies.
    • You have a bad credit score (what is a credit score?)?
    Any of these danger signs are indications of financial difficulty. If you said “yes” to more than two of the above items, you could be treading water in a financial flood. The sooner you act, the faster you can gain relief from these financial problems.

    If You Have A Debt Problem, You Need To Act

    From our 35+ years of experience, A. Farber & Partners is very aware of the types of problems, and the warning signs, of financial difficulty. Our goal is to get you the debt help you need. Unfortunately, many people, when confronted with a scary, once-in-a-lifetime situation, choose to avoid dealing with debt problems at first - because they hope that by ignoring the problem it will go away. But it never does. The debt load rises, the stress level increases. The creditors start calling, sending demand letters in the mail, or freezing your bank account(s). Do you want to control your debt? Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to see which option is best for you.

    Debt Help You Are Legally Entitled To

    In the midst of all this financial chaos, you worry about your family and your ability to successfully keep your financial juggling act from crashing to your feet. The truth? Most of us are terrible jugglers when faced with these types of debt problems. By taking one hour of your time to meet with us at one of our 50+ convenient offices across Ontario (some of them close to your work or home) you will learn all about:
    • Your right to protection from abusive creditors
    • How to get a clean start to your financial future
    Solving your debt worries is the start of rebuilding your finances. In doing so, you can regain control of your financial life. Best of all, help is as close as booking a free, non-obligation consultation with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Talk to us today, so you can rebuild tomorrow.