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Breathe. Consolidate your debt into one single payment! SAME DAY consultations are available now!

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It's normal to feel overwhelmed and we understand it. With over 40 years of experience, we have helped 100,000+ Canadians get out of debt while keeping their homes, cars and RRSPs.
We can help you consolidate all your debts and deal with them at once with one monthly payment, based on what you can actually afford. We'll give you the urgency that you deserve.
Call us now and get your free, no-obligation, consultation for today!

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Looking for a partner to help you manage your debt?

We’ll negotiate lower monthly payments with the companies you owe money to and propose a much lower amount you can afford to pay.

We’re your partner

We help you keep what you’ve worked hard for, like your car, home and RRSPs with tools and guidance just for you. Explore our services to see how you can begin reducing your debt today.

We help you understand the truth about debt

For over 40 years, we have partnered with people to help manage their debt. We’re here to help you manage yours.

I am very grateful to Farber and Partners for helping me reduce my debt. I was over my head in debt and they were very kind. Everyone was respectful and gave me great advice about my financial situation. I recommend this company to any one in need.

— CAROL Striowski