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Office Information

136-140 Christina Street North, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, N7T5T9

Tel:  (888) 491-6326

Sarnia Licensed Insolvency Trustee & Consumer Proposals 

We Are Here to Help You Get Out of Debt 

A. Farber has assisted Sarnia residents with their financial difficulties for over 40 years. We helped thousands of Canadians solve their debt problems and rebuild their financial futures. 

Our Personal Debt Solutions Work 

Bankruptcy related problems in Sarnia can say goodbye now that A. Farber is here. Equipped with experience and technical knowledge, our experts are ready and able to assist anyone who is suffering from the effects of insolvencies. Our team is here to free Sarnia residents from bankruptcy and financially related worries. Armed with expert knowledge with insolvency cases in Canada, they can provide the most effective help possible when it comes to sudden or planned bankruptcy. 

Consumer proposals and bankruptcies can only be provided by a Federally Licensed Insolvency Trustee. A. Farber has been licensed for over 40 years. 

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