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Mamuhay ng Malaya sa utang

Mamuhay ng malaya sa utang!

Live Debt Free® ­

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It’s easy to fall into debt when you support so many people back home.  

We can help you reduce your debt by up to 70%, stop interest and harassing creditor calls, and even rebuild your credit so you can sleep, dream, breathe, live debt free®.  

Your debt may have accumulated due to your generosity of sending money to help family back home, loss of income, job loss, unforeseen emergencies, illness, high interest rates or problems of a personal or family nature. You may have been making minimum payments every month but despite your best efforts your debt keeps growing and now you are losing sleep over it. You may also be getting harassing creditor calls and threatening collection notices. Fortunately there is a solution.

Once you take control of your debt, everything gets easier.

Canada has Federally-Regulated programs available to help people get out of debt. A Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy are popular solutions to eliminate consumer debt, and these are administered by Federally-Licensed Insolvency Trustees like Farber. At Farber, you can expect customized solutions that can reduce your debt by up to 70%, and reliable, respectful and empathetic service.

Your family depends on you. Don’t let debt affect your sleep, health and life.

People find it difficult to talk about financial problems with family and friends. Our friendly staff understand the emotional stress you’re experiencing and are trained to help you through this difficult time with empathy and respect. We offer a free one-hour confidential, no-obligation consultation to fully review your situation and then recommend a customized solution to eliminate that debt and give you the relief you need.

For more than 38 years, we’ve been helping Canadians solve debt problems. You have nothing to lose but your debt and stress, so contact us today to live debt free.


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