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    For over a decade, A. Farber & Partners have been assisting thousands of people with debt problems in the town of Keswick and surrounding areas. We are here to help you.

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    Please call (844) 507-7526 today to arrange for a free initial consultation with our insolvency experts in Keswick or, use our online appointment request form. If you live or work in the Keswick/York Region, and are experiencing financial stress, we can help. Our experts at the Keswick office can explain all the options available to help get you out of financial difficulty.

    Meet Our Trusted Debt Relief Professional

    Erez Cukierman, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

    Erez Cukierman, insolvency trustee in Ottawa

    Erez Cukierman is our Regional Practice Leader for Keswick, he has been helping people with their personal finances since 1997. Throughout his career, Erez has prided himself on providing sound advice to people by making strong connections and always looking at the bigger picture. Erez's hands-on involvement with consumer debt is fundamental in finding solutions for the self-employed and people with complex financial problems. "My goal is to provide you with a solution that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Having worked for a major financial institution for more than 10 years, I take a holistic approach to helping individuals. By applying my restructuring and financial planning backgrounds we will discuss your present and future goals and together find a solution that is right for you."

    Ivanna Chertyuk, Debt Solution Manager

    Chertyuk Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal North York office

    Ivanna has assisted clients with their financial stresses for years. She is available to help solve your debt problems as quickly and painlessly as possible. Ivanna is one of our most experienced Debt Solution Managers. She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, subsequently graduating with Honors with a Financial Planning diploma from Humber College. With this much financial knowledge available to share, Ivanna finds great satisfaction in helping people put their debt worries behind them. “I look forward to helping you during what must be a very difficult time in your life. We will review all debt relief options available to you, as well as their consequences.” said Ivanna.

    Getting To Our Keswick Insolvency Trustee Office

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    Phone: (905) 476-7782 Or toll-free: (844) 507-7526

    Please call (844) 507-7526 today to arrange a free debt relief consultation with our insolvency experts in Keswick or use our online appointment request form to arrange a meeting.