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    For several decades, A. Farber & Partners have been working with individuals and families in the Hamilton region to help them stop wage garnishments, income tax problems, and a wide range of other creditor issues. As Licensed Insolvency Trustees, we are available to assist you with your debt problems.

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    Our Personal Debt Solutions Work

    If you live or work in the Hamilton region, and are experiencing financial stress, we can help. Our debt relief experts in Hamilton can explain all the options available to help get you out of financial difficulty. Confidential one-hour meetings are available by appointment only, and can be requested either online or toll-free by calling (844) 507-7526.

    Meet our Trusted Debt Relief Professionals

    David Ponting, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

    David Ponting, Insolvency Trustee office in Port Colborne

    Our Regional Practice Leader in Hamilton is David Ponting. A consultation with David will give you insight into your current financial difficulties, and how you could overcome them by choosing from a range of debt relief solutions. David will provide you with expert advice and direct you to the best way to get out of debt. You will be able to rebuild and get back on the path toward freedom from your debts. If you've been turned down for a consolidation loan, and credit counseling is just not the right fit for you, then speaking with David as soon as possible could get you back on track financially and reduce your stress and anxiety. We help erase debts!

    Graeme Whitehead, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

    Graeme Whitehead, Insolvency Trustee in Hamilton Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee responsible for our Hamilton region offices is Graeme Whitehead. He joined our consumer practice a few years ago, after assisting Hamilton residents at another major firm. Graeme brings a creative, respectful and cooperative approach to all insolvency engagements. He takes great pride in his work, whether it's in assisting a family with saving their home while maximizing the recovery to creditors, or restructuring and preserving a viable business for its stakeholders, owners and employees. His commercial industry experience includes greenhouse operations, vineyards, wineries, general manufacturing and machining, retail, and trucking. Graeme is a frequent speaker to banks, credit unions, accounting and law firms on insolvency and related matters, primarily in the Hamilton/Niagara/Golden Horseshoe area.

    Sonya Strand, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

    Sonya Strand, Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Hamilton

    Sonya is a Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional (CIRP) and a Certified Insolvency Counselor. You simply can’t get better person equipped with the extensive knowledge she possesses. Sonya has over 13 years experience in personal insolvency matters, including personal bankruptcies and consumer proposals. She takes pride in her work and provides professional and practical debt solutions to clients. Sonya is also actively involved in a number of corporate engagements, including corporate bankruptcies and Court-appointed Receiverships. She primarily serves clients in our Milton, Mississauga, Brampton and Georgetown locations.

    Together, Graeme and Sonya are available to review your situation with respect and dignity. At the conclusion of your free, confidential consultation they will be able to provide you with a range of options (including Bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives, such as a Consumer Proposal), as solutions to your personal financial difficulties. Ready to solve those stressful debt problems? Then please call or our main Customer Service Team toll-free at (844) 507-7526 today, so we can arrange a no-cost, confidential meeting for you in the Hamilton Region (we have offices in Hamilton, in Dundas and in Stoney Creek). Or, click here now to request a free, confidential meeting. If you've been turned down for a consolidation loan, and credit counseling is just not the right fit for you, then speaking with Graeme or Jennifer as soon as possible could get you back on track financially and reduce your debt-related stress and anxiety. Stop drowning in debt!

    Jennifer Patterson, Debt Solutions Manager

    Jennifer began her career at A. Farber & Partners in October 1998. Jennifer works as our Debt Solutions Manager and Certified BIA credit counselor in the Hamilton office.

    Jennifer meets with clients to discuss their financial problems and to find the best possible debt relief plan that fits each of their unique situations. She understands that sitting down and explaining your financial situation can be uncomfortable, very emotional and sometimes confusing with all of the misinformation that is out there.

    Jennifer explains “my goal is to make every client feel comfortable and to free them not only from their debt problems but also their emotional burdens – and then to show them there is a light at the end of the tunnel by providing them with the tools they need to rebuild their financial futures”.

    Come in and have a free consultation with Jennifer and she will give you the facts.

    Getting To Our Insolvency Trustee Office in Hamilton

    Our Hamilton region practice is situated on Upper James Street. Ample parking is available near our building. The Hamilton Street Railway also offers local transportation to our office location. Please call (844) 507-7526 today to arrange for a free initial consultation with our insolvency experts in the Hamilton region. We can help erase your debts!