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    For more than a decade, A. Farber & Partners has assisted thousands of people with debt problems in the Newmarket-Aurora region. We are here to help you.

    We Are Here To Help You Get Out Of Debt

    If you live or work in the Newmarket area of York Region, and are experiencing financial stress, we can help. Our experts in Newmarket can explain all the options available to help get you out of financial difficulty. Please call our Customer Service Team today so we can arrange a free, confidential, no-obligation debt consultation at our Newmarket location. At that meeting we will review your financial situation with you, discuss the various debt relief options available to you, and discuss bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives (such as consumer proposals or consolidation loans) before making any decisions.

    Meet Our Trusted Debt Relief Professional

    Our Debt Solutions Manager at our Newmarket location are Ivanna Chertyuk. Ivanna have assisted clients with their financial stresses for years. Ivanna is available to help you resolve your debt problems as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

    Ivanna Chertyuk, Debt Solutions Manager

    Ivanna Chertyuk Debt Solutions Manager

    “I am fluent in English, as well as Ukrainian and Russian," says Ivanna. "If you need help, please contact me and my team as soon as possible, so we can arrange to discuss your personal financial situation and find the debt solution that suits you best.” "I go out of my way to ensure you will fully understand your debt relief options. I encourage you to bring your questions with you to our meeting," says Ivanna. "I'll do my best to put you at ease, so we can find the right solution to your financial problems." "Here in Newmarket, our philosophy of review, relief and rebuild is the cornerstone of what we do every single day," explains Ivanna. "I am here to listen, to understand your concerns and your financial pressures, and to explain to you, in detail, all of the legal options available to you."

    Erez Cukierman, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

    Erez Cukierman, insolvency trustee in Ottawa

    Erez Cukierman is our Regional Practice Leader for Newmarket, he has been helping people with their personal finances since 1997. Throughout his career, Erez has prided himself on providing sound advice to people by making strong connections and always looking at the bigger picture. Erez's hands-on involvement with consumer debt is fundamental in finding solutions for the self-employed and people with complex financial problems. "My goal is to provide you with a solution that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Having worked for a major financial institution for more than 10 years, I take a holistic approach to helping individuals. By applying my restructuring and financial planning backgrounds we will discuss your present and future goals and together find a solution that is right for you."

    Call (844) 507-7526 today to arrange for a free debt relief consultation with Ivanna, Jacquie or one of our other debt relief professionals at our Newmarket location. Or, click here to arrange your free confidential appointment. At your meeting, Ivanna or one of her team will review your financial situation with you, discuss the various options available to you, and discuss bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives such as consumer proposals. If you've been turned down for a consolidation loan, and credit counseling is just not the right fit for you, then speaking with Ivanna as soon as possible could get you back on track financially and reduce your stress and anxiety. We help erase debts.

    What our happy clients are saying about Ivanna

    "Ivanna, Please pass this along to anyone you care too at your work. This whole ordeal has been a tough one, I needed to do this simply for my own health and well being. It is not something I am proud of, but it is what it is and this option did allow me to solve my financial issues without feeling like I was just giving up and looking for a fast way out. I just wanted to let you know it has been a little over a year since I have been dealing with you guys you have really made me feel like a human being and that is appreciated. Not once have i left your office feeling anything less than a person that is and deserves respect. I really appreciate that. You are a very nice young lady and you have a wonderful way with people. This is a trait not found with many folks. I'm actually a little disappointed with the ability to e-mail you funds as I will not have an excuse to come and see you and enjoy a conversation with you! 🙂 Thanks again for you being the way you are. - G."
    "You in particular changed my life. You assured me that everything would be ok and it is. You took control of the situation and broke it down for me - made it easy to understand. I will always recommend you!"
    Hi Ivanna, I just wanted to thank you for all your help. You were very kind and understanding and we really appreciate it. All the best, T.V."
    "I'd like to finally thank you very much for assisting me in resolving the matters of debt and in handling the bankruptcy process. I'd not have been able to move forward without doing so, and I very much appreciate your help, reassurances, willingness to answer my many questions and your friendliness. It has been a great pleasure dealing with you.”

    Please call (844) 507-7526 today to arrange for a free initial consultation with our insolvency experts in Newmarket-Aurora, or click here to request a free consultation.

    Getting To Our Newmarket Insolvency Trustee Office

    16775 Yonge Street,
    Suite 216 (2nd Floor) Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8J4
    Phone: (905) 895-6968 Or toll-free: (844) 507-7526
    Our Newmarket-Aurora practice is situated at 16775 Yonge Street, Suite #216. Our building is at the North-East corner of Yonge Street and Muloch Drive. Ample parking is available at the front of the building. York Region Transit also offers local transportation to our office location.