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    For more than 35 years, A. Farber & Partners have assisted Trenton residents with their credit problems and debt management. We help to erase debts and provide a fresh financial start.

    We Are Here To Help You Get Out Of Debt

    If you live or work in or near Trenton, and are experiencing financial trouble, we can help. Our experts in our Trenton insolvency trustee office can explain all the debt relief options available to you. Please contact A. Farber & Partners, Licensed Insolvency Trustees, for a free debt relief consultation. Our Debt Consultants and Insolvency Trustees will sit with you, review your financial situation, and suggest the debt solution that best fits your unique circumstances.

    Meet Our Trusted Debt Relief Professionals

    Pamela Powell, Debt Solutions Manager

    Pamela Powell, A. Farber & Partners insolvency trustees in Trenton

    Pamela is the Debt Solutions Manager in our Belleville and Trenton offices. She helps people and business owners solve debt problems and rebuild their financial futures by protecting them from their creditors and helping them develop a plan to eliminate debt and the interest charged on that debt. Pamela has worked in the financial services industry for more than 20 years and has achieved certification in financial security, retirement and estate planning. Her experience and proven track record of coaching people on how to budget and save for the future, helps ensure that you are receiving accurate and sincere advice. With compassion and understanding, Pamela will show you how to reduce the stress of debt overload. Pamela welcomes you to make an appointment to confidentially discuss your struggle with debt. Pamela can help you discover that there is “life after debt".

    Diane Hessel, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

    Diane Hessel, Insolvency Trustee for A. Farber & Partners in Trenton

    Diane has been in the insolvency business for more than 20 years and has been with A. Farber & Partners Inc. for more than 10 years. She works with people to assess their situation and ensure they are taking the best route possible to solve their money problems. In addition to English, Diane is also fluent in French. Currently, Diane is working closely with clients to the East of Toronto, including our Trenton, Belleville and Oshawa offices. Diane thrives in the insolvency industry as she enjoys helping people put their financial lives back on track. One of her most memorable moments was helping a gentleman who had invested his retirement savings in real estate. He ran into difficulties and ended up having to mortgage his home to make mortgage payments on his investments. His marriage was suffering and he had tremendous guilt about upsetting his and his wife’s lives. She helped both file of them for bankruptcy, which alleviated their stress, because they were able to hold on to their home. Diane still hears from this gentleman and he is grateful that she took the time to help him, which resulted in him being able to save his marriage and his sanity.

    Reaching Our Insolvency Trustee Office in Trenton

    15 Dundas Street East,
    Trenton, Ontario K8V 1K6
    Phone: (613) 392-1248 Or toll free: (844) 507-7526
    Ample parking is available. Please call (844) 507-7526 today to arrange for a free initial consultation with our insolvency experts in Trenton. Alternatively, click here to request a free confidential meeting online.