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    A. Farber & Partners has assisted residents of the Georgetown area with their financial difficulties for over twenty years. We have helped thousands of people solve their debt problems and rebuild their financial futures. The debt solutions team at A. Farber & Partners in Georgetown are ready and willing to review your unique situation, and come up with a plan to help get the weight off your shoulders. The services we provide will surely help you with a plan that will help you breathe again!

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    Myla Evangelista-Solis, Debt Solutions Manager

    Myla Evangelista Solis debt solutions manager

    Myla Evangelista-Solis is a Debt Solutions Manager and Registered BIA Credit Counsellor with A. Farber & Partners Inc. Myla is an experienced credit analyst which enables her to see all sides of business and individual financial situations. She has been successfully helping people with their debt problems since 2010. Myla provides consultations and advises clients on their options which would tailor effective solutions to overcome their financial difficulties. In addition to English, Myla has a very good understanding and ability to speak Tagalog. She has a passion for helping others by being compassionate, understanding and a good listener. This is her way of giving back to her community. Myla is happy to help others find success in their financial journey.

    Consumer proposals and bankruptcies can only be provided by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. A.Farber has been licensed for over 35 years.

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    Bankruptcies in Georgetown

    In 2014, Georgetown (being part of the Greater Toronto Area) filed over 10,332 consumer proposals or bankruptcies with the Office of the Canadian Superintendent of Bankruptcy. John Delo and his team is here to serve you in the Georgetown area to assist you during these financially difficult times. A. Farber & Partners are here to help.