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Barry Crowe

Debt Solutions Manager
bcrowe@afarber.com  (778) 725-1459

Barry is a Debt Solutions Manager with the Farber team in British Columbia. With extensive knowledge and experience in the consumer insolvency industry, he enjoys educating individuals on debt solution options and helping them make an informed decision that best suits their needs.

Prior to joining Farber, Barry was an Estate Manager with a major advisory and insolvency trustee practice in BC and also worked for a local debt solutions and credit counselling firm. He has over 15 years of experience leading teams who are clearly focused on customer centered service. Barry’s approach to meeting people with financial difficulties is always empathetic and understanding with a focus on helping the individuals look ahead to a bright future and a fresh financial start.

Barry currently works in the Burnaby and Vancouver offices. He is also available to meet in one of Farber’s many other locations throughout the Greater Vancouver Area, including Surrey or Richmond, a city where he grew up and a city he calls home. When Barry is not working and helping people with a path out of their debt struggles, he loves to explore and experience Greater Vancouver with his wife and 5 children.