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Julie Hinde

Director, Client Care
jhinde@afarber.com  (416) 496-3412

Julie Hinde is the Director, Client Care with A. Farber. She is primarily responsible for leading and overseeing the firm’s client service team department, helping people in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta resolve their debt issues. Julie joined the Farber team 6 years ago. Prior to joining Farber, she held several roles in the consumer insolvency industry, culminating in over 20 years of industry experience to date.

Julie believes that any interaction with Farber should surpass all expectations and that each individual be treated with respect and experience a nonjudgmental interaction during a difficult and stressful time in their life. Her goal is to ensure that anyone calling Farber looking for help with their financial situation will feel a sense of relief and be assured that help is on the way. In addition to helping people struggling with debt, Julie has worked on various process and technical elements of the consumer insolvency journey. Through this she has gained a deep understanding of the insolvency process, which she relays to her team to facilitate providing a knowledgeable and empathetic experience to anyone who calls Farber.

Julie is a Qualified Insolvency Counsellor and is currently enrolled in the Applied Knowledge Course in the CIRP Qualification Program. Prior to this she completed the Insolvency Administration course.

Julie lives in the GTA with her husband and spends most of her spare time in the arena cheering on her two boys who are both actively involved in hockey.