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Khushboo Kaushal

Debt Solutions Manager
kkaushal@afarber.com  (306) 271-2094

Khushboo Kaushal is a Debt Solutions Manager with Farber Debt Solutions in the Regina, Saskatchewan office. Khushboo is also a qualified Insolvency Counsellor. Prior to joining Farber, Khushboo worked as an Insolvency Counsellor with Cameron Okolita Inc. She believes that it is important to understand different circumstance can led to a financial difficulty and her goal is to provide the best solution to people who are struggling with debt and help them get a fresh financial start.

Khushboo was born and raised in India and moved to Canada in December 2017 and she loves going back to India every year to visit my family and friends. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, catching up with her family in India. She also like to go camping once a year and enjoys the nature.

Education and Professional Qualifications:

Post graduate diploma in Accountancy from Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Is a BIA Insolvency Counsellor