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Shane Pennell

Chief Executive Officer
spennell@afarber.com  416-258-4088

Shane Pennell is the CEO of the Consumer Division at Farber.

Joining the firm in 2020, Shane brings a deep background of more than 20 years in the Canadian Consumer Finance space to Farber.

He served as Senior Vice President, easyfinancial Retail Operations, at goeasy Ltd. At easyfinancial, he worked to develop lasting relationships with non-prime Canadian consumers, standing by them and providing them with access to the goods and financial services they needed while helping them find a path to a better financial life.

Before that, he served as Vice President-Consumer Lending, Marketing at HSBC Financial. In that role, he effectively led the branch network in a dramatically new lending environment, exceeding profit and plans.

His diverse background includes leading retail and back-office operations teams, as well as marketing, human resources, real estate teams, and more.

Shane believes that an organization’s culture and how it treats its team members, peers, customers, and the people it deals with is critical to its success. He always strives to build relationships, offer support and understanding, and interact with people the way they want to interact.

His considerable experience and focus on building and maintaining positive relationships give him unique insight into how customers think and react.  Also, what organizations can do to let people know they are there for them, help them through difficult debt situations, and relieve the stress they are feeling.

Education & Professional Qualifications

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Business Management, 1996