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Sruthi Hari Prasad

Debt Solutions Manager
shprasad@afarber.com  (365)-355-2736

Sruthi is a Debts Solutions Manager with A. Farber & Partners Inc in the Centralized office in Ontario. She started her career in Consumer finance industry and managed a branch for two years. Sruthi is aimed at working for a greater cause and provides cognitive solutions with empathy and understanding.

Her career into Finance began from her love for gaining knowledge about money- which runs the Economic and Social world. When combined with the philosophy of Stoicism that she adopts, she found that advising and helping common people overcome their inconvenient financial situations is the way to attaining professional contentment. She aims to ensure soundness, aptness, and clarity in her advice through thorough perception of the circumstances and the consequences.

Sruthi is a Master of Finance graduate from the Queen’s University, is working towards her Chartered Financial Analyst designation (Level II) and holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Sruthi likes to fully explore diverse possibilities of life and focuses on intentional and mindful living. She is an active blogger, an ardent poet, and a constant reader. She would like to grow into an author, and a public speaker. She dreams to establish a charitable organization for Financial education within the next 5 years.