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Tamana Ayub

Debt Solutions Manager
tayub@afarber.com  (226)-821-2236

Tamana is a CDSM (Centralized Debt Solutions Manager) with Farber Debt Solutions in the North York office. Her goal is to assist many Canadians in achieving financial freedom and she is excited to be part of the solution!

With over a decade of experience spanning biotech, healthcare, finance, and customer service, Tamana’s journey has equipped her with a unique set of skills and perspectives. Her deep understanding of the complexities from her diverse background, enables her to approach challenges with versatility and innovation.

Tamana’s extensive experience in customer service allows her to excel in empathizing, communicating effectively, and building strong relationships. Outside of work, her passions for animals and painting enrich her perspective and foster genuine connections with individuals from multifaceted backgrounds. Tamana’s commitment to embracing diversity and driving positive change makes her a valuable collaborator in achieving shared goals.