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On-Line Replacement Payment

We have made some enhancements to our system to better server Consumer Proposal clients who have missed a month payment.


The on-line payment option is only available for individuals who filed a Consumer Proposal with A. Farber & Partners Inc. or A. Farber & Partners Ltd. and who have missed a payment.

You will need to know your file identification code (eg. FARA01) otherwise payments may not be applied to your account. Your proposal must be in good standing ( you cannot be in arrears by three payments ).  If a payment is made on a proposal that has been annulled, the payment will not be refunded but will be distributed to your creditors.



This option is not available in the following situations:

  • Individuals who filed for bankruptcy
  • Individuals who originally filed their proposal with any of the following trustee firms:
    • McLay & Company Inc. (for proposals filed prior to August 2014)
    • Paddon + Yorke Inc (for proposals filed prior to September 2015)
  • Annulled proposals


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If you are unsure as to whether you can use this option, please contact our Customer Service Team by completing the form below:



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