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    COVID 19 Update


    Our offices are closed during this crisis, but we are working from home to assist you during office hours. We can now do everything electronically via Email, Phone, Video chat, and sign documents electronically vis DocuSign(R).

    Practical answers to questions you may have about your consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

    I have questions about my consumer proposal payments

    General Questions

    For status of your proposal, collection calls, issues with CRA etc., please email us at Please use your file code in the subject line and the nature of your request.

    Payment Questions

    For questions on your Consumer Proposal payments, please send us an email at

    Please use your file code in the subject line and the nature of your request.




    • You must try not to fall behind on your Consumer Proposal Payments.
    • We have requested the Government for emergency measures to prevent a deemed annulment for missed payments, but at this time, there has been no legislative change.
    • If you are current on your proposal, there is some flexibility to miss a payment while we await the Government response.
    • If you are already behind, please contact us as a partial payment may give you at least an extra month reprieve while we await the Government response
    • If you are already set up on a Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP)plan, and need to make an additional payment or partial payment, please email us at
    • Cash Payments.Our offices are closed so you will not be able to make cash payments.
    • If you wish to set up a new PAP orhave us make a one-time withdrawal, please provide written instructions and the two pieces of information listed below:
      1. The amount you are authorizing us to withdraw;
      2. The date you wish to have those funds withdrawn; and your account details i.e. transit number, branch, account number.

    I have questions about my bankruptcy

    If you are currently making voluntary payments, we will work with you to implement a payment plan. If you are currently responsible for making Surplus Income payments, and your income has been affected, we will review.


    All bankruptcy court discharge hearings have been suspended. If you’ve received a notice of an upcoming hearing, you do not need to attend. We will advise you once a new date is scheduled

    For questions about your file:

    If you have any questions about your file, please call us at 1-888-432-7237 (option 2) and you will be directed to the bankruptcy administration team .our reported income and adjust your payments accordingly. In some cases, this may result in a reduction of your bankruptcy period from 21 to 9 months or from 36 to 24 months, depending on the month you are currently in. All bankruptcy court discharge hearings have been suspended. I

    I have questions about budgeting during this crisis


    First and foremost, if you’re listening to this video I hope you’re keeping safe and that you’re doing everything you can to keep your spirits high during these very difficult and challenging times. My name is Erez Cukierman and I’m a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. As you can see in the background, I am trying, just like everyone else across the globe, to make working from home my new normal. In this current health environment, the safety of our clients and our staff is of paramount concern. And as such, we have closed our offices until further notice. That doesn’t mean that we’re not available to the public, in fact quite the opposite.

    Our staff is equipped to work from home and we are available during regular business hours. You may have also noticed that when you’re trying to reach out to a friend or a 1-800 number you get a message saying that the number is currently not in service. Well if you get those messages you can either try again or you can email us, and we will get back to you very quickly. If you’re an existing client or concerned about the current environment and how you’ll be able to continue making payments, please watch the videos posted by my colleague Melanie Wengle.

    If you’re looking to book a new appointment with Farber we’re pleased to provide you with a telephone consultation. If you prefer to do the meeting through video conferencing, which happens to be my personal preference, that option will be made available to you too. It’s always a good idea to speak to someone when you’re going through a difficult time. We are here to listen to you, get a clear understanding of your situation and provide you with a recommended solution. We will be posting videos, providing people with information on a variety of topics, over the coming weeks and months so please stay tuned for updates. Keep safe and take care of one another.


    Banks have temporarily dropped interest rates to provide you with some relief. Please check with your bank for more information.

    I have questions about government programs that I can benefit from



    Hello. My name is Brett Luckin and I am a Licenced Insolvency Trustee. The COVID-19 virus has created a crisis in the global economy, and of course also the Canadian economy. What this has meant for many working Canadians is that they have lost their jobs or they have seen a significant reduction in income. Now, for most of those people claiming EI as per ordinary would be the right route to go, but for many working Canadians EI is not a possibility. Think you are self employed, EI is not available to you. Now, over the last few weeks the Canadian federal government has done quite a bit of putting out messages about benefits for people who fall into this category and there has been quite a bit of confusion. But that has literally crystallised in the last few days, and they have indicated that they will be making available something called the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit – the CERB.

    This is a benefit that is specifically targeted at people who are not eligible for EI. So categories of people who will be included are people who are self employed, people who are contract workers, or even ordinary wage earners who have seen a significant reduction in income as a result of the virus. So think you have to stay at home because you have to look after your children because the schools and daycares aren’t open, or you are yourself ill, in isolation or quarantine, or you are looking after someone who is ill, or quarantine or isolation. This benefit then applies to you.

    What we know right now is that although there is still quite a bit of vagueness around this, on April 6 an online portal will open and you will be able to make an application for the CERB. What we also know right now is that there is an indication that there will be a 10 day period from the date of approval to when the funds flow, so keep in mind what this really means is that even if you were to go online on April 6, apply and be approved on the same day, funds would probably only start to flow from April 16.

    Moreover the indication is that we are looking at $2,000 every four weeks ($2,000 a month) for a maximum period of 4 months, so this is not a long term solution, this is a benefit designed to help people through in the short term and the end date that is on the table is October 3, 2020. Nevertheless it is a significant amount that will help people who have trouble with their finances. Now as time goes by, we will post information when we know better where the website is, how you make an application, what kind of information you will need to provide. We will make that information available on this website. Right now that’s what we know and I hope that what people will do is revisit this website in the next few days as we make available further information. In the meantime, please stay safe, social distancing is really important, and keep well.

    Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

    Given the situation things are changing almost daily, and therefore federal and provincial government programs may continue to evolve. We endeavour to keep this page updated so please visit this page often to stay current on the relief available to you.



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