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What if I win the lottery or get an inheritance?


Video Transcript:

What if I win the lottery or get an inheritance windfalls are uncommon but it’s always good to know your options if you are still in the process of completing your bankruptcy you are not yet discharged from the debt, therefore, your lottery or inheritance entitlements will go to your licensed insolvency trustee and the money will flow to your creditors the undischarged period in a bankruptcy ranges from nine to thirty-six months depending on several factors in a consumer proposal if you receive or become entitled to a lottery or inheritance before the proposal is fully approved by the court and the creditors you are obliged to inform your trustee so that they can revisit your options and possibly withdraw your proposal if you became entitled to the windfall after the creditor and court approval of your consumer proposal the windfall is yours to keep but you can look at paying off your proposal early once you take control of your debt everything gets easier so don’t delete call us at one eight four four two three two seven to thirty-seven to book a free confidential consultation you have nothing to losebut your debt sleep dream breathe livedebt-free

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