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Will I Have To Go To Bankruptcy Court?

Will I Have To Go To Bankruptcy Court?

People who file for bankruptcy for the first or second time are able to receive an automatic discharge if there are no issues during or before the bankruptcy process and thus do not have to attend bankruptcy court.

However, if any issues arise during the process, you will need to attend bankruptcy court to explain your actions.

Will I Have To Attend Bankruptcy CourtCommon reasons for being required to attend bankruptcy court include:

  • Failing to attending credit counselling
  • Being found guilty of fraud
  • Failing to pay surplus income as required
  • Bankruptcies that occurred due to gambling
  • People who have more than $200,000 of personal income tax debt and if this income tax debt represents 75% or more of the total debt.
  • Situations where a person files for bankruptcy when he or she could have filed a consumer proposal instead

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Will I have to attend court for a bankruptcy?

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