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The R-Plan: The Benefits For You

The R-Plan: The Benefits For You

The objective of our unique R Plan is to get you back to financial health as soon as possible and to keep you financially fit.


Only A. Farber & Partners Inc. offer the R Plan, our three-step process to rebuilding your financial future. The R Plan starts with a FREE, personalized and confidential meeting and finishes with an end to your debt problems and the opportunity for you to clear up your credit rating and your life.

Rebuild Your Life & Your Credit Rating

R-Plan The Benefits For You

Together, we will:

Review your situation:

  • Evaluate specific circumstances
  • Explain all your options
  • Determine the best solution

Provide Relief from your debt worries:

  • Stop collection calls and lawsuits
  • Stop seizure of wages, assets and bank accounts
  • Relieve you of harassing calls, court action and debt worries

Help You Rebuild:

  • Show you how you can rebuild your financial life
  • Give you advice on your credit rating and how to rebuild your credit
  • Determine how you CAN retain your home, car and investments in most cases
  • Renew your peace of mind


Your R Plan consultation is totally FREE, and without any obligation.


Do you have debt problems? We help.

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