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Calculate Your Debt Payment Options

Use our debt calculator to get an idea of how much the different options will cost you.

Debt Calculator

Let's see how much you'll save with a Consumer Proposal from Farber.

DISCLAIMER: This calculator is for demonstration purposes only. The results will vary depending on your specific circumstances, which include your income and any assets you.

Depending on your situation, a Farber consumer proposal might be the right option for you.  It means you get to keep your assets, it stops all collection calls immediately and allows you to manage your debt by setting monthly payments at an amount that you can afford.  We handle all negotiations, which can help take the pressure off you.

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Farber’s action is fast & reliable. Gives accurate information, no hidden fees & no service fee. From my $32,000 of total debt, FARBER helped me lower the debt to $12,000 (63% less is a woww..) Thank you very much Cindy & the other staff.

— Lorie, 2022